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Hair and Beard Cosmetic Tattoo

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At Barb And Ink our aim is to customise a look for you that enhances the best version of you.

We do this by tailoring a realistic appearance that mimics your natural hair follicles.

You will leave the studio confident and self-assured ready to take on the world with your new and improved look.

The significance of the feather in our brand is the connection between the director and the creations we make for our clients.


That is a symbol of Trust, Honour, Change and Freedom.

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The Academy Winner of All Hair Loss Resolutions 
In An Instant - allow me to transform your journey
Be Head Over Heels In Love With Your New Look 


Melinda De Angelis is the Owner and Director of Barb And Ink.

Both a qualified Cosmetic Tattoo Artist and Illustrative Artist.

She has harnessed these skills brilliantly through learning the skill of microblading and is a gifted painter. This is encapsulated in her results.

An empath at heart and having her own online Custom Painting Business, Melinda decided to replace the ink on canvas and transfer it to skin, creating a real difference to people’s lives improving their confidence.

Melinda prides herself on delivering a realistic hairline for both men and women as well as enhancing beards. Her attention to detail and friendly manner will make you feel most comfortable.


In her own words "Welcome to my Studio. A sanctuary of creation that makes you feel at home."

Specialist in Scalp, Beard and Moustache Design - Barbering Pioneer

Feathers - a symbol of  Trust, Honour, Change and Freedom


SMP is a cosmetic procedure for Hair Loss. Providing Treatment for Thinning Hair, Bald Patchiness, Receding Hairlines, Beard Patchiness, Scar Camouflage, Alopecia, adding density and or creating a new hair base.

During your customised treatment, Melinda will be replicating your hair follicles with a 3D Shadow Technique using a stippling effect. Working with existing hair follicles.

Ink is then injected into the skin in multiple sessions or how many sessions are needed for you.

SMP offers guaranteed results, offering a realistic look by using a 3D and 5PM Shadow blend. It is an instant and effective solution for both men and women who are challenged with hair loss.

On completion of your free consultation where you have a private one on one with Melinda, she will best advise you of how many sessions you will need to achieve your desired look.

Taking into consideration, medical history, skin tone, pigment of ink, colour of hair and face shape.







cosmetic beard tattoo

cosmetic beard tattoo

cosmetic hair tattoo

cosmetic hair tattoo

cosmetic tattoo

cosmetic tattoo

Tattoos Machine

Tattoos Machine



cosmetic tattoo

cosmetic tattoo



SMP And BMP changing lives from dot to dot!
All Genders Welcome



Bald Treatment

Half Head

Full Bald Head

Scar Camouflage

Crown Camouflage

Simple Scar Camouflage

Large Scars and Transplant Donor Areas


Women’s Front Line

Women’s Baby Hair Front Line Only


Client Refreshers


Pricing can range from $1200 to $3800 depending on the treatment desired and advised as per your consultation.

Client Refresher (first refresher is for free) usually needed after 2 years depending on the initial result.




Consultations can be done over the phone or in person. There is no charge, and they are obligation free.

A 20% upfront deposit total cost of the treatment will need to be paid.


Consults over the phone available upon request, images will be requested of your hair or beard so we can quote you accordingly.

Please fill out the form and you will be contacted. 

Obligation free quote


J. Storm- Toorak

After executing all possibilities with my challenge of hair loss over the years, i was able to find a quick and easy solution at Barb And Ink with lasting results. Melinda helped me explore  this amazing instant possibility and I won't look back. Thank you Barb and Ink for your advice and winning results.

P. Ormond- Ivanhoe

Thank you Melinda for helping me achieve this result. It is more than i hoped for. Please go and see Barb and Ink. No hesitations. Just do it!

S. Alberta- Balaclava

Amazing. Such an elated feeling of confidence since visiting the studio at Barb And Ink. Both Melindas kindness and ability to create the look i wanted is a testament to her hard work. Thank you so much for this opportunity and guaranteed I will be spreading the word around town. 


@barbandink and I did something amazing today!
Melinda worker her magic on me today with SMP (scalp micro pigmentation) with a tiny needle, a steady hand and some cosmetic tattoo ink, she was able to give me the most amazing 5'oclock shadow moustache.
I am thrilled with the results and
honestly I feel like this has really leveled up my androgyny. (which is my aim in my transition) it will fade, and lighten a little bit over the next couple of weeks till my touch up session. But honestly I couldn't be more happy in my body and skin.
I feel like pinocchio, a real boy


I can't say enough about Melinda from Barb & Ink. She is not just a skilled SMP practitioner, but a truly exceptional
individual. From the moment I met her, I was immediately put at ease by her gentle and kind nature. Melinda's approach to her work is not just professional, it's deeply personal, and it
shows in the remarkable results she achieves.
Melinda's creativity is truly unparalleled. She took what was once a source of insecurity for me and turned it into a
work of art. Her attention to detail and passion for her craft shine through in every single session. Melinda didn't just
give me the confidence I had been longing for; she elevated it to new heights.
I can honestly say that Melinda's SMP services have been life-changing for me. Her dedication and caring approach
made every step of the process an absolute joy. She was patient, understanding, and always there to address any concerns or questions I had. It was more than just a professional relationship; it felt like she was on this
journey with me.
Thanks to Melinda, I now walk taller, prouder, and with newfound confidence that radiates from within. I am so
grateful to have found Melinda at Barb & Ink, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for SMP services. Her gentle, kind, and creative touch truly sets her apart. Thank you, Melinda, for making me feel like the best version of myself. You are a true gem in the SMP world!


Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday - 10am to 6pm.
Sunday - Closed 

3 Edward St, Brunswick Melbourne VIC

Phone: Contact Melinda 0403 192 917 to book a free consultation.

Complete the form below to enquire about a booking.

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