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Hair and Beard Cosmetic Tattoo

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At Barb And Ink our aim is to customise a look for you that enhances the best version of you.

We do this by tailoring a realistic appearance that mimics your natural hair follicles.

You will leave the studio confident and self-assured ready to take on the world with your new and improved look.

The significance of the feather in our brand is the connection between the director and the creations we make for our clients.


That is a symbol of Trust, Honour, Change and Freedom.

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The Academy Winner of All Hair Loss Resolutions 
In An Instant - allow me to transform your journey
Be Head Over Heels In Love With Your New Look 
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Melinda De Angelis is the Owner and Director of Barb And Ink.

Both a qualified Cosmetic Tattoo Artist and Illustrative Artist.

She has harnessed these skills brilliantly through learning the skill of microblading and is a gifted painter. This is encapsulated in her results.

An empath at heart and having her own online Custom Painting Business, Melinda decided to replace the ink on canvas and transfer it to skin, creating a real difference to people’s lives improving their confidence.

Melinda prides herself on delivering a realistic hairline for both men and women as well as enhancing beards. Her attention to detail and friendly manner will make you feel most comfortable.


In her own words "Welcome to my Studio. A sanctuary of creation that makes you feel at home."

Specialist in Scalp, Beard and Moustache Design - Barbering Pioneer